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" . . . it’s a BRILLIANT System.”
– NBC’s “Saving You Money” –

” . . . shows how you can cut the term of your home loan SIGNIFICANTLY.” 
– Personal Investment Magazine –


Presenter: Harj Gill


Harj Gill (M.Ed) is an International Mortgage Reduction expert & considered the "father" of the Mortgage Acceleration movement. He published the original book about this concept in Australia in 1997. His Speed Equity® system is the only one that has been reviewed & approved of by Financial Experts.

Reviews by Financial Experts


” . . . it’s a BRILLIANT System.”

– NBC’s “Saving You Money” – 


” . . . shows how you can cut the term of your home loan SIGNIFICANTLY.”

– Personal Investment Magazine –


“Gives us HOPE that we can achieve freedom from our mortgage 
BEFORE a ripe old age.”

– Your Mortgage Magazine – 


Save thousands on your home loan.”

– The Australian Woman’s Weekly – 


” . . . shows you step-by-step how you can
Own Your Home Years Sooner.”

– Perth Woman Magazine –


” . . . an EXCELLENT SUMMARY and detailed analysis of
methods by which mortgages can be effectively eliminated.”

– WA Business News – 


Strategies for saving a bundle on home loans.”

– The Melbourne Age –


It’s like having your money do aerobics.”

– Mortgage Know How Magazine –


SAVE a bundle on your home loan.”

– The Sunday Times